The Word

A meditation on Psalm 119:89-96, the Hebrew letter Lamedh

Music and photos (c) 2016 by Glenn Hall & Zadik Music

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Salvation: A Meditation on Psalm 119:81-88

A meditation on Psalm 119, verses 81-88, the Hebrew letter Kaph.

Music & photos (c) 2016 by Glenn Hall & Zadik Music

“So beautiful is Yahweh’s word.. Thank you Abba Father for your shalom….Thank you for helping me to keep my mind stayed on you.. I give thanks to you Father, Great are you Adonai and worthy of all Praise, Glory, and Honor. I join the angels. that cry Holy, Holy, Holy is Adonai YHWH Elohim,, He who was, and is, and is to come…” – Karen Ruth Farley

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Important Prophetic Word Concerning Election of Trump

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Why Christians Voted For Trump

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Specific Prayers for Donald Trump

  1. That God will protect President Trump physically, mentally, and spiritually
  2. That God will pour out his Holy Spirit upon Donald Trump so that he will begin to know God and walk diligently in God’s ways
  3. That God will give him a spirit of humility in place of a spirit of pride
  4. That President Trump will surround himself with godly men and women who will help him lead this country into righteousness
  5. That he will appoint Cabinet heads who will carry out his vision for America and who are not tied to the cabal that has led this nation for more than one hundred years
  6. That he will appoint judges who will restore God’s righteous laws to America
  7. That God will give President Trump and his Department heads wisdom to know how to dismantle the evil system that now rules over us
  8. Let’s also pray that God will pour out a spirit of repentance and prayer upon his people so that all of these things are accomplished
  9. That Trump will support the restoration of God’s Temple by being supportive of God’s people (rescind 501(c)3 etc.)
  10. That the demonic spirit of Jezebel and Pharisee shall be destroyed from the earth.
  11. Pray specifically to bind the evil spirits that animate George Soros, Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, and Elizabeth Warren


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Meditation Upon God’s Law

This is a meditation upon God’s Law from Psalm 119, the tenth stanza, and Exodus 20.  Music and pictures (c) 2016 by Glenn Hall.

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What Does Trump’s Election Mean to Us?

We Christians really need to understand what Trump’s election means to America and specifically to Christians.

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Be Strong, Be Courageous

A prayer and song for the election tomorrow. I’m praying that Trump wins!

Song and music (c) 2016 by Glenn Hall & Zadik Music

Psalm reading from Psalm 119:49-56

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I believe Trump means what he says. Lawlessness rules today’s world. If God means for time to be extended, then Trump is the man for such a time as this.  VOTE TRUMP!

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The Crumbling Cabal

Join Rick Wiles and friends as they discuss the crumbling cabal, the cabal led by Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bush’s, the Obamas, George Soros, Huma Abedin, John McCain, and many others hidden behind the scenes.

Listen by clicking here.

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