The Natural Versus the Spiritual

The Old Testament represents the flesh, the natural man. Jesus said, “The flesh counts for nothing.” This is because Jesus (God, Yahweh, Yahuah of the Old Testament) is concerned about our spirit, not our flesh. Paul says that God teaches us by example, “first the natural, then the spiritual.” Jesus told Nicodemus that we “must be born again,” that we “must be born of water and the Spirit.” The “water” is the Word of God. The Spirit is the Holy Spirit. When we believe in Jesus as our Messiah, as our Father who died for our sins (The Father died for his sons; it is not that the Son died for his Father), then we receive the “earnest” or “seed” of the Holy Spirit. THEN, and only then, according to John 1:12, we receive the “the right TO BECOME children of God.”

We do not automatically become children. Everything that God did in the Old Testament that you consider evil is “type,” a “prophetic example” of what God intends for us TO BECOME in the Spirit. For example, God commanded Moses to kill the man caught picking up sticks on the Sabbath for a particular reason. That reason was not to merely punish the man for disobedience to God’s Law. It was to prophetically demonstrate the absolute importance of “entering God’s rest” according to Hebrews 3-5. Only those who enter God’s rest become “Overcomers” and therefore qualified to enter the Kingdom of God (New Jerusalem). All of the Old Testament prophesies that Old Jerusalem will be destroyed. Old Jerusalem corresponds to “the flesh.” God destroys the flesh by the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. The Old Testament describes all of this in earthly, physical terms. But Jesus said “my words are Spirit and they are life.” You err because you interpret the Bible according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit.

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Prophetic insight into the meaning of last Tuesday’s midterm elections.


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Amazing Testimony

Amazing testimony of a first hand vision of warring angels.

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Why To Vote Republican

Ben Garrison succinctly shows why we all must vote Republican today. Today is huge folks. Today is the day of God’s victory in America!

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Profound Insights into Today’s Politics

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Dwelling With Fire

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A Season of Breakthrough

God will stand up and break through in their presence. Then they will pass through the gate, going out by it. Their king will pass in front of them with the Lord at their head. (Micah 2:13; ISV)

Someone had a dream In August 2018 in which the Lord said, “By March 2019, it will be ‘all hands on deck’ in the United States because of the harvest that was beginning.”

I think we are in an incredibly strategic window where we have to pray like we haven’t prayed in quite some time. We have started well, but we need to finish well. I think that God is saying, “All hands on deck!” Good things are happening, but we can’t just assume they will continue. We have to press in until it’s finished. Lord, we thank You for all of these facets of what You are doing for this nation. We thank You for the many people and leaders and efforts that are underway to pray. Everyone has a strategic part.

As we move into this season leading up to the midterms, which we know are so significant, show us how to pray. The deep state is still in place in every branch of government. We are asking You to give us the strategy, the wisdom, the understanding, the participation, and everything we need to turn the tide. Let this be the season of breakthrough that is so significant that it cannot be reversed. Let the fulfillment of all the promises come. Let the great breakthrough for this nation that You have already begun come to a crescendo. We pray for President Trump, our Congressional leaders, and our spiritual leaders. Let there be a synergy that takes place where the civil and spiritual leaders would be in agreement in ways that push this nation through, until it returns completely to God’s purposes. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Points for Prayer:
  • Thank the Lord for everything He is doing and causing to come together for such a time as this – many streams, many prayer efforts, every race working together, old and young.
  • Ask Him to provide everything the Church needs to work with Him to turn the tide in America.
  • Ask Him to expose, uproot, and wash away the “deep state” and all of its effects on our nation. Declare, “Purify our government, Lord!”
  • Call for the promises He has made to reseat our Supreme Court to be fulfilled.
  • Intercede for the President, Senators, Congressmen, and spiritual leaders. Call for an agreement between them where heaven and civil government align, so God’s purposes can quickly come to pass.
By Dutch Sheets
Founder, Dutch Sheets Ministries
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Donald Trump’s Prophetic Storm

Part two of an important new series concerning the prophetic days in which we live.


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Mystery Babylon & the Beast of Revelation

I have just begun sharing a new prophetic understanding. Here is my first video concerning it.

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Jesus said… “Unless a man is born again”

What did Jesus mean when he told Nicodemus that a man must be born again before he can even see the Kingdom of God?

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