-Abortion as Religion-

Abortion is repugnant to every principle of God.  Those who practice it and compel others to do so make their beds in hell and they will soon learn that, even if it is on their death bed.  “Repent of your evil deeds,” says the Lord of Hosts.  Those of you who vote and voted for people who support abortion must learn to repent as well.  Do not deceive yourselves under your cloak of religiosity and “faith” in Jesus.  Even the demons believe…and tremble.

  1. Sacrifices to Molech, i.e. abortion, included in Democrat Obamacare
  2. New Dean of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge says, “Abortion is a blessing!”
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  5. Rabid pro-abortion governor chosen to head our nation’s health
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  8. Why Tiller won his trial and was not charged with felonies
  9. Planned Parenthood conceals statutory rape
  10. Recompense upon the wicked

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