Babylon the Great

For many years I have interpreted Mystery Babylon, or Babylon the Great, as corrupted Christianity as a harlot always in bed with Satanic government (the beast). I still believe that much of Christianity is corrupt and in bed with beast governments, but now my perspective has broadened to literally see Babylon the Great as these United States I live in. This comes as a very sobering revelation, but it also finally brings into prophetic light the incredible evils which I see my government involved in. Now the chemtrails, geo-engineering, weather modification, genetically modified organisms, black operations, Monsanto and similar evil corporations, corrupt banking and money system, pornography, homosexual politics, sex-change operations, transhumanism, Area 51, Dulce, alleged alien agendas, deep underground military bases, the Denver Airport, mind control, MK Ultra, and a thousand other evil programs and rumors all make sense. It also explains why our governmental leaders never make any real progress in promoting conservative, pro-life and pro-God laws. God-fearing people always lose.

  1. The Great City: Mystery Babylon
  2. Mystery Babylon: Myths and Errors of Interpretation
  3. We Would Have Healed Babylon, but She Would Not Be Healed

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