Pharmacia (Sorcery disguised as Medicine)

Today’s world is a “medical” police state where sorcery (manipulating man’s mind and body with man-made drugs) is called medicine and where the state totally controls and stops men’s access to God’s own natural remedies. I am not saying we should never take medications prescribed by doctors. It seems that sometimes that is what God would have us do, especially since men have made many of God’s natural remedies, like marijuana and ephedra, illegal. But, use caution. Always pray for your and other people’s healing. And learn about God’s natural means of healing. Click here for a great resource for natural remedies and updates about harmful “medicines”.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Chemicals do not heal, my wife was healed of arthritis and colitis. I was healed of life long sinus and allergy problems. My brother was healed of acid reflux.
    We were cured with vitamins and herbs that have no side effect. I have learned to never get a cold or the flu. One only has to be educated about chemicals and the natural products to take and you won’t get sick.
    Being sick is a choice once you have knowledge.

  2. Zedek says:

    Well, we may still get sick from time to time, but I agree that there are many God-given plants that provide natural remedies to many of our ailments!

  3. Pat says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with systemic lupus, thyroid disorder, and seizure disorder all by the time she was a young teen. I wanted to use natural medicines to assist her back to health, was advised by two different professional to “be careful” because she was a minor and her doctors could get legally involved. I would take her to our local health food store and let her browse while I slowly looked for teas and things for myself, each time she would ask me if she could buy something and I always got it for her…soy milk, Indian spice mix, almond milk, herbal teas, etc. She started eating differently, and whenever she craved a new fruit, vegetable, herb or spice I would research it. Those foods were all helping in her healing. By the time she was 18 she didn’t need the hundreds of dollars of physician-prescribed drugs.

  4. Zedek says:

    Our family has used natural remedies almost entirely for our 31 years of marriage. I once represented a D.O. who had his medical license revoked because he treated people naturally instead of with pharmacia and surgery. He brought seemingly miraculous cures to my family, but, of course, the powers that be cannot tolerate a physician that actually heals!

  5. Polly says:

    When the Bible spoke of people trusting in their remedies rather than God they died.
    These remedies were considered pharmacia-sorcery also. They were all natural back then. We must learn to mature to receive our health and healing from God through Jesus. Natural remedies are still sorcery even today.
    God Bless and I pray all christians come to the knowledge that God is their Healer.

  6. Zedek says:


    I totally disagree with this. God created all natural things to be used in the way he meant them to be used. Men have taken what God created, have modified it, and have sought to patent and profit by what they have modified. In the mean time they have declared illegal all that God created and declared “good.” God intended that his creation be used lawfully, but men have polluted, genetically modified, and destroyed his creation. God has created many natural remedies which men do would do well to learn about and use. I was involved in the “faith” movement for many years and have seen at least one baby die because of a mistaken “faith.” I believe God heals and that he sometimes heals by a “word of faith,” but only when he has given that word of faith to the one who speaks it. Otherwise we may pray presumptuously and suffer for it. You are very much mistaken.

  7. Song Michaels says:

    Foods are like knives, according to the purpose of usage, it changes meaning.
    I believe the sorcery in Bible means using herbs for the purpose of altering one’s state of mind.
    Historically, all over the world, Witches and sorcerers used herbs to invite other spirits into their mind, which during the course other spirits have relationship with one’s heart, – an act of adultery of heart.
    Even if you do not have the purpose of inviting other spirits specifically, yet the very act of using the herb for the entertainment purpose, you are setting up an easy path for other spirits to enter into your heart directly via your mind that’s in stupor state and it is a harlotry to God, selling your heart for other power. More usage of herbs in such manner, more one’s heart gets hardened towards God and more involved in the sorcery. Addiction is a matter of heart, not mind.
    This is why so many marijuana users even a few times see it in favorable sight in spite of its evil effect in health and frequent users passionately advocate legalization of it. Other hard drug users can’t get out of the grip of the drugs due to not only control of their heart but also body. The act of selling their hearts out is prostitution, the result of sorcery. God clearly prohibited such usage of herb: sorcery, the word for Greek Pharmacia. (Exodus 22:18, Leviticus 19:31, Lev. 20:6, Lev: 20:27, 1Cor 6:9; Gal 5:20-21)
    So, using anything, such as, marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol in such manner is an act of sorcery, prostitution of heart, sin and an abomination to God.
    So, there are several verses by St. Peter and St. Paul describing drunkenness and sorcery as for the hell-bound while yet, Paul advised Timothy to use wine as a medicine. Wine is known to aid digestion by breaking food down and actually improves health. Jesus used wine during the festival meals where there were foods rich in fat for digestion,
    Therefore, using herbs for healing and for food, not for gluttony, is perfectly in God’s plan and will.
    It’s written, in Genesis, that God gave us all the plants to eat. Yet, we have some plants I believe due to man’s sin, as thorns and thistles – the symbol of pain and hardship, poisons., death.

  8. remi says:

    Funny how things are upside down. Plants have been used in sorcery for thousand of years. You can easily see that in chinese medicine. Ying, Yang, inside energy and all those formulation has been used in pagan cultur to increase the level of inside energy and a lot of other things are mixte to make you think you will get better. Unfortunately there is no evidence and most of the time the claime start with : Traditionnally used in herbal medicine, Chinise medicine or Indian medicine. I do believe that God has the power to heal us and that herbal medicine use more paganisme and suposition to make money and to sell us all those pills.

  9. Zedek says:

    I believe that God created plants to be used in the way he intended. I believe it foolish to not use herbs to help heal the illnesses we have to deal with.

  10. Pat says:

    If you know of anyone using meth or other homemade, mind altering drugs, you’ll know they see things; demons. The professional people will tell you they are just hallucinations but I believe this was some of the end-time medicines the bible was talking about. I’ve even heard ex-users refer to meth as a demonic drug.

  11. jacqueline says:

    first of all i believe if you do research there are two meanings of wine in the is new wine which was fruit juice ripe and straight from the vine-and non alchoholic..the other was fermented.. which Jesus does not tolerate at all. how in the world would Jesus Christ ever condone alcohol..there is much safer things for digestion. alcoholism is the worst disease of our time, you can become an alcoholic with one drink of alcohol. why dabble and be tempted and tease ourselves with something that not only leaves our minds altered but can also leave us with a disease we might never overcome. look at the stats at people who are killed with drunk driving, spousel abuse, children abuse, marriage that end in divorce because of alcohol that started with one innocent drink..maybe someone did this to aid in digestion, maybe someone did it to be social? whatever the reason, the bible says to avoid the very appearance of evil. why would we as christian people with attributes of the God of Glory sit down and feel comfortable sipping wine and then be so ignorant as to say God condoned it. that is not the God that i serve..that is not His attribute..that is not His character. lets not get herbal remedies mixed up with alcohol..two absoulutely different things.

  12. Zedek says:

    If you look at the old testament feasts you will see that the Israelites could rejoice before God with whatever “strong drink” they chose. We might call this whiskey today. Who knows what they called it. Also Jesus could never have been called a “glutton and a drunkard” unless he partook of that which might make him drunk, ie, wine with alcoholic content. It is not the wine or alcohol which produces abusive husbands and parents; it is evil they allow to dwell within them. Proverbs says that “wine makes a heart merry.” I can vouch for that! But, I do not condone drunkenness. Drinking alcoholic beverages and becoming drunk are two different things. Mankind has ruined much that is good because he cannot live in moderation. You have made yourself a law which reads, “Thou shalt not consume alcoholic drinks.” God made no such law.

  13. Sue says:

    Polly, you are misinformed on this. In the Bible, it plainly states that King Asa sought Physicians instead of the Lord and he died from the affliction of his foot! Same thing for the woman with the bleeding disorder. She didn’t die of course, as all she had to do was touch the hem of His garment to be healed. GOD does heal, he healed me from Inflammatory Breast Cancer, no drugs, no chemo. He told me he allowed this to happen for reasons of his own and that he would bring me healing. He did, but he “Showed” me how to get it. I knew immediately what to do, sought out my ND, did major cleansing, ozone treatments, rife, juiced, color lamp therapy, etc. Sometimes GOD brings instant healing and sometimes he just shows you the way. AND, GOD put all the natural stuff here for us to use, he wants us well, one just has to pray for wisdom and discernment in ALL things, not just one particular thing they want to know. You have to help yourself. That’s like an alcoholic or junk food addict asking GOD to heal them, and then sitting back and doing absolutely nothing to help themselves change the situation. GOD can heal you, but if you aren’t taking measures or your own, what makes one think that healing will continue? I believe that God helps those who help themselves. If I had done nothing to help myself, I’d be dead today but I still claim it as HIS healing, because he showed me exactly what to do. Hippocrates said, “look to your foods for healing” and GOD put them all here, however, the men who lurk on this planet have taken all of it and turned it into evil, from GE foods, to all the drugs and vaccines. Those are not of GOD, they are greed and of Satan….you can’t love ME and money, is what the Bible says.

  14. Glenn says:

    Good word, Sue!

  15. Brother John says:

    I think Sue gave a balanced perspective, but I would also want to add just one more point. In the beginning, God did NOT give man junk to eat, He knew what was best for us and that was what He told us to eat:

    Genesis 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.
    Genesis 2:16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

    Man was originally plant-eating being. See this video: God’s Pharmacy or God’s Pharmacy another version

    God Bless.

  16. Glyn says:

    Thanks for writing, Brother John!

  17. C. Dunamis says:

    Something to keep in mind with the wine debate, is that the wine back in Jesus time is different than most wines of today. Now a days they add things to the grapes to increase the alcohol content. There was also a different kind of ‘wine’ that was used for stomach ailaments back in Jesus time. It was a consentrated form of grapes, (probably the darker stuff left at the bottom of the vat,) that did not have a high alcohol content to it.

    Has anyone given thought to the possibility that some illnesses are actually caused by demons, and that these demons can be cast out in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and our health reclaimed through that same name? Our family has had many experiences of this…

    I’ve been through the ‘natural healing’ stuff, to the point that there is where I was placing my faith in for being healed! But I found that even natural remedies can only go so far; I needed (still need!) the Holy Spirit to guide me in all things. For His Word tells me that by His stripes I am healed, and that He heals me from ALL my disease! He is the Great Physician, and can help us wherever we are, and lead us into our healing, through whatever means HE chooses to use…

    Thanks for letting me share my experiences and opinions,
    C. Dunamis

  18. Glyn says:

    You have some good points and thoughts here. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Elaine says:

    I think we have a responsibility to look after our bodies, which are the temple of the Holy Spirit, while at the same time looking to the Lord alone when things go wrong with our health and asking Him how to right it. I agree that many of the foods we subject our bodies to today are not what He intended for nourishment. From personal experience, I see that that modern pharmaceuticals are very often detrimental to our health, that the demonic are very often involved in physical health problems and that the Lord requires us to examine our hearts and lives and ask Him for the reason when we are unwell. He is Sovereign and He alone knows our innermost hearts. We should be willing to share our lives in such a way with other believers that we can assist each other in these times of illness (James 5v13-20, Jude 20-23). Shalom

  20. Glyn says:

    Thanks for writing, Elaine. I totally agree.

  21. Daphne says:

    Dismayed by the slurs against cannabis, I must respond with my own personal experience. Years ago I was bitten by a spider and spent a week in hospital on IV antibiotics. Some months later I almost died from a “viral cocktail” that included Hepatitis C and Epstein Barr viruses. I was told by another medical facility that it commonly encountered patients that came out of that same hospital with sudden onsets of “viral cocktails” a number of months later. My indicators of liver damage were so high that it astonished the doctors that I was not already dead, but since I had no insurance I was sent home to die. Faced with certain death I smoked cannabis to help ease the terror and depression, and prayed. No medicine or care from any doctors. I did not die, kept smoking. Years later I was tested and found no evidence of Hepatitis C. The only medicine I had was cannabis, proven to be anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-anziety, anti-spasm. That is total crap about cannabis opening the door for demons! Demon Rum is another matter. The recipe in the Bible for anointing includes cannabis, so I highly doubt it invites evil. What is evil are the people who have been profiting from hard drugs since the Opium Wars of the British against the Chinese until today. These lies told about cannabis were perpetrated by those who wish to enslave us to the medical asassin industry and to destroy our great Constitution while secretly profiting off of the laws they jam down our throats. Diatribes against cannabis are the results of successful propaganda and brainwashing against the weakminded and those too intellectually dishonest to bother with seeking out the truth.

  22. april says:

    To him that esteemeth it unclean it is unclean. Obeying God is health. Herbs were created by God and Jesus said there is nothing from without a man that entering in can defile a man. Also calamus used in the Holy annointing oil is a hallucinant. Lets all seek Gods wisdom on right and wrong and not rely on our understanding. Seeking man for healing is anti Christ.

  23. Glenn says:

    Thanks for writing. I do not condemn men for going to doctors, but I agree that we should always seek God for our healing! I also think that many people follow a doctor’s advice to their serious hurt. We need wisdom in all things.

  24. John says:

    Most illness is a product of sin as the wages of sin is death. The medical industry is rooted in Sorcery, black arts, grave robbing, human experimentation, etc… and seeks to extend life through pharmacy in order to negate the need to remove sin from our lives. When Messiah healed he healed by forgiving the sins of the person not by giving them drugs. Our current Sorcerers would have you continue in sin and come to them for salvation and likewise many desire to continue in sin without the consequences of those sins thus they put their trust in sorceries instead.
    This is what Revelations is speaking of when it says that they “refused to repent of their sorceries.” Many say that it is referring to illicit drugs which may be partially true since most all illicit drugs are man made. But natural plants that God created for our use and benefit should not be included in that list. Only when man modifies or synthesizes do they become Sorceries.
    Acceptable physician practices in Scripture used natural remedies as well as Spiritual healing, cleanliness or quarantine and in no way resembled our medical industrial complex of today.

  25. Glenn says:

    Very good comments, John.

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  27. Nathan Droege says:

    I was instructed by a medical doctor to take a migrane medicine years later woke up cold. There was a demon ugly demon in my head. I ignored it and shortly later tried to commit suicide from a medicine that was still effecting my brain a good while after not taking it. I woke up internally wiretapped for accusations made and now have to fight the government officials in court to dismiss charges if they come. I believe they set me up big time i read the sheet later on and it said it would have a surgery involved if overdosed and going to the hospital i hate Pharmacutical drugs want to grow my green food but authorities of some what upper nature are watching god bless

  28. Glenn says:

    Nathan, I pray for your total healing. Check out for natural remedies to many common sicknesses.

    Best wishes,

  29. lilian says:

    Zedek is right

  30. dean johnston says:

    Jehovah Elohim is the great healer but He also knew that we all would not believe so He did create plants to help us in our unbelief. But we must be wise in using the proper plants and not for pleasure or mind altering use until we come into His faith. Anything not unto His honor and praise is demonic worship.

  31. Mark says:

    I agree with most of the comments I have read & am disgusted at the amount of false guilt layed upon Christians by those who simply don’t understand!!! GOD created Herbs for Healing & yes Hemp is a very miraculous plant & has healed many of Cancer which is the #1 killer in the U.S.A.! There are many factors causing this horrible disease! From GMO’s to Smoking because of the chemicals on the tobacco causing cancer when many herbs will kill worms just as the chemicals will cause no harm to you! I am absolutely convinced that Modern day Pharmacy is the charge of sorcery in REVELATION CH 18 & that lines up with U.S.A./Mystery Babylon & all the drug companies killing 100,000 per year. As I seek after JESUS CHRIST HE teaches more about Herbal Medicine everyday! See Book of Sirach CH 38 on KJV Bible site Apocrypha. GOD Bless & learn about Herbs & essential Oils.

  32. s. mirano says:

    i was addicted to pain meds for over 10yrs. after a horrendous de-tox, i now use a diet that has many anti-inflamatory foods, magnets, arnica gel, heat, and over the counter meds…… and LOTS of prayer. i had psoriasis bably, stated using a strong probiotic and my skin is clear, had an ulcer, used ginger and locorice, gone! God put everything these flesh bodies would need before He created our flesh bodies and He gave wisdom to those who asked, & still does. I culd go on and on, but I wuld rather Praise Ya!

  33. Glenn says:


  34. Rosalina says:

    I believe your thoughts about medicine. I use to have ugly headache and people were giving me poisons to take but i had no peace about it so when i was at my worst I tried and it felt like a dream but it scared me i never had drugs illegal drugs in my life bu that position gave me an idea that it must be the same thing so i did not take it the fallowing day and i was worst than before so i stood by not taking a thing i still had headaches regularly but when i got saved i learned God is my healer so i said to satan no i will not taske tylenol and whatever people say to take I told satan even if he kills me i wont take headache medicine and from that day forward i dont have headache no more I dont even remember how it feel like to have head ache. to this day and i pray i never will.

  35. Glenn says:

    Thanks for writing. I believe God rewarded your faith!

  36. 'the ole signpainter', Joe David says:

    Yes I agree, modern day pharmacia is dangerous and I’m seeing more young doctors who do not practice or know the Hippocratic oath. The syco drugs seem to be the most dangerous… just had a friend who committed suicide because a doctor quadruple dosed her with a dangerous syco drug; that drug in correct dose had severe and dangerous sidifixs. The ladies problem was a complicated thyroid imbalance. Thank God she had accepted Jesus as Lord. Trust only the Biblical God!

  37. Calico says:

    Thanks for sharing, people are complaining more and more at their crimes. I declare the spirit of pharmacia is bound tight in its entirety, i decree psalm 37 on their actions and discord they have any part of in chaos any where and i rebuke pharmacia and send demons involved to the pit in jesus name amen in jesus name.

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