-Barren Bride-

How many of you have walked with God for many years? How many of you expected to see his salvation come to the earth during those years? How many expected to see lives changed by faith in Jesus and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, but instead have seen the friends of your youth join themselves to the rampant idolatry which has overtaken the earth in these last days? How many of you have seen old church couples you once fellowshipped with divorce or walk from the faith? How many of you struggle to maintain your own vessel so that you yourself do not become disqualified in the faith? How many of you understand that we who walk by the Spirit have indeed been barren these many years, that our ministries have birthed nothing but wind, and that we surely have brought no deliverance and no lasting salvation to the world? Now it’s time to understand God’s teaching concerning why the bride remains barren.

  1. The Barren Bride (Part 1)
  2. The Barren Bride (Part 2)
  3. The Barren Bride (Part 3) 
  4. The Mother of the Sons of God 
  5. The Harlot on the Beast? 
  6. Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness
  7. Awake Awake 
  8. Awake Awake (2)
  9. Awake Awake (3)
  10. Awake Awake (4)
  11. The Coming of Immanuel 
  12. The Prophecy of Immanuel
  13. Like the Days of Noah 
  14. New Jerusalem
  15. The Kingdom of God
  16. The Spirit and the Bride Say “Come!”

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