The Right to Become…

Okay, now you know the mystery of the Gospel.  Now what?  Do you think that you will automatically be able to put out your hand and say, “Thanks!  Give me my Elohim badge!”  I don’t think so.  Are there some of you who say, “Well, I’ll live it up during this life.  Then, because I now understand the restoration of all things, I’ll take the honor of Elohim after I die.”  NO! I don’t think so.

First, let me address you Christians who think that you are “once saved, always saved.”  You are, but not in the way most of you believe.  The vast majority of today’s Christians partake of a form of godliness (which means that they attend their church services and do the dead works that their leaders demand), but they deny the power of a godly life (they do not put into practice the many commands of their acclaimed LORD and His apostles and prophets and they do not aspire to be holy as He is holy).  How else do you define or explain millions of Christian children who attend pagan public schools in America alone, Christian parents who pay for their children’s abortions, rampant Christian pornography use, and even churches who ordain to the ministry those who practice sexual immorality?  These do not have a clue what godliness means.  These do not have even a hope of becoming elohim in their present condition.  In fact, these are those who will partake of the Lake of Fire!  (Yes, some Christians will partake of the Lake of Fire.  See especially Revelation 2:11 and 20:6.  Some Christians will be “hurt” by the second death which is being cast into the Lake of Fire.)

What?  Christians partake of the Lake of Fire?  Yes.  Christians go to Hell?  Yes.  Hell, that is Hades, is the abode of the dead.  The Lake of Fire is the place of the second death.  Hell is thrown into the Lake of Fire when death is done away with.   This is the second death according to Revelation 20:14.   The Lake of Fire itself is the consuming fire of God which purges and purifies His sons.  We allow that fire to purge us now or we will be forced to endure its purging later.

John, the beloved friend of Jesus, wrote, “But as many as received him, to them gave he power (right or privilege) to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name”  (John 1:12 KJV)  John does not say that this goal called Elohim is a sure thing.  People who believe in the restoration of all things may be wrong.  The Calvinists or the Arminians may be right.  (Of course, I don’t believe that they are or I would not be writing these things)  Or, it may be that the wicked, including the countless Christians who believe but do not obey, are simply consumed and finally obliterated in God’s presence (Lake of Fire) when the judgment does come.

Jesus said, “For whosoever would save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s shall save it.” (Mark 8:35 ASV)  The word life here is the Greek word psuche which means “soul.”  This verse speaks of  the salvation of the soul, not the spirit.  The soul is your mind, will, and emotions.  It is what you call yourself.  The way to saving your soul is narrow.  We do have responsibility.  If it were not so, then the Word of God, the Bible, would not have been written.  When you begin to understand these things, then you realize that the Bible was written primarily to and for believers, not unbelievers.  For it is only when we begin to believe in Jesus that we receive the right, the privilege, and the power to become a son of God, to become Elohim.

The wonder of God’s creation is that He designed a way to create man so that man could be part of his own making, so that he could come into agreement with His creator and desire to be what He desires him to be.  God did not make man an automaton, a mere computer or machine.  Man is not even “machine-like.”  The transhumanists betray their shallowness of thought and creativity when they mutter merging man with carbon microchips.  My creativity is not programmed.  I create because God creates.  Kurzweil may try to predict what God will do, but He never will, he never can.  Kurzweil may try to predict what I will do, but He never will and he never can.  My goal is to be perfect as my heavenly Father is perfect, not to fabricate and prolong a shallow, meaningless life.  What’s yours?

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