Islam is not a peaceful religion.  Christianity generally is, but has not always been peaceful either.  Throughout history millions have died in the name of  countless fanatics’ “true” religion, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism,  Communism, or even Democracy.  Religion that kills others to prove itself true is false religion.  It is Mystery Babylon, in whom lies the blood of the slain of all the earth.  But, the way of Jesus Christ is the way of peace, of loving even your enemy.

These articles give some insight into Islam:

  1. Muslims Kill Christian Family in Pakistan
  2. Pakistani Muslims Murder More Christians (7/23/10)
  3. I don’t advise you watch this linked video, just know what it is about…
  4. What Islam is Not
  5. Islam, a violent, hate-filled religion
  6. “Honor killing” awaits 17-year old Muslim convert to Christ
  7. Christian Orphanage Workers Beheaded
  8. Muslim parents beat and may kill daughter who converted to Christianity
  9. List of Muslim “Honor Killing” Victims (Usually a wife or daughter)
  10. History of Muhammed
  11. Muslims continue to plot against Christians and the West
  12. Pakistani Muslims want to kill Christians
  13. Radical Islam’s War Against the West
  14. Egyptian Judge says he would kill Christian convert.
  15. Muslim man in NYC beheads wife
  16. Muslim tortures 3 wives & 19 children
  17. British airline bomb plot
  18. Kuwaiti Professor Outlines Anthrax Attack on US
  19. Islamic “honor” murders
  20. Muslim sets Christian on Fire (Immolation)
  21. Self Immolation by Islamic Women (Tell me where Christian women do this?)
  22. Muslim father kills daughter for wearing make-up
  23. Testimonial of Ex-Muslims
  24. Sharia Law disregards human rights
  25. Muslim Fathers ask daughters to commit suicide for them
  26. Islam UN assault on freedom of religion

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