-My Sheep Hear My Voice-

We live at the end of the age, the time which Jesus describes as being “as it was in the days of Noah.” Deception lurks in each shadow, around each corner, and behind most voices. Unless we can discern the voice of Jesus we will be deceived for we will possess nothing by which to judge the deception. Here are some articles I have written that should help you come to the place where you can recognize the voice of your Lord and Savior.

  1. Satan Disguises Himself as an Angel of Light
  2. Do not Believe Every Spirit
  3. Come to Know the Word of the LORD
  4. Let the Word of the LORD Be Revealed to You
  5. Is This the Voice of God?
  6. Anna, the False Prophetess
  7. They Have Not Known My Ways
  8. I Am the Door of the Sheep
  9. The Great Tribulation is at Hand
  10. The Finished Mystery

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