All these things Jesus said to the crowds in parables; indeed, he said nothing to them without a parable. (Matthew 13:34, ESV)

A parable is a story with a spiritual, or prophetic, meaning. Jesus, the Word who became flesh, wrote the entire Bible, the Word of God, through his prophets. These prophets say that Jesus always used parables when he taught spiritual things. The more we read the Bible the more we come to understand that God designed every historical account as a parable, a true story with a prophetic meaning. Once we realize this, then God can begin to reveal profound truths from all of Scripture, truths we could never have considered until we understood that God teaches us through parables. I have written quite a few articles explaining certain parables.  In addition my full length books The SeparationFood Sacrificed to Idols, and When We Awake all extensively teach from historical parables.

Below are some of my shorter articles concerning the parables of the Bible.

  1. First the Natural, Then the Spiritual
  2. The Language of God
  3. Creation: The First Parable
  4. The Separation 
  5. Food
  6. The Law
  7. The Parable of Esther
  8. Manna and Tribulation
  9. The Voice of the Bridegroom (by Leland Earls)
  10. The Three Comings of Jesus (by Leland Earls)
  11. I AM the Bread of Life
  12. I AM Come in My Father’s Name
  13. I AM The Water of Life
  14. “Not Because You Saw the Signs”
  15. The Abomination of Desolation
  16. The Revelation of the Bride (1)
  17. The Revelation of the Bride (2)
  18. The Revelation of the Bride (3) – Interpreting the Parable
  19. The Perfect Jewel in Prophecy
  20. The Light of God’s Word
  21. Free Will
  22. The Implanted Word
  23. Of Uriah and Uzzah
  24. The Ones Called Out
  25. Resurrection and Judgment
  26. All the Bible is a Parable
  27. The Parables of Hezekiah
  28. Who Can Stand
  29. Striking the Rock Twice
  30. Elijah Comes First – Part 1
  31. Elijah Comes First – Part 2
  32. Elijah Comes First – Part 3

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