The Singularity & the Matrix

The demon-possessed who push the idea of “singularity” dream the nightmare of the matrix agenda.  Their world of man merged with machine ultimately results in man ruled by machine.  Make no mistake; you cannot think as fast as this computer I write upon.  When this computer can build itself because it can access my brain and use my hands, who will rule?  Me or the machine?  Welcome to the world to come, unless….

You think The Matrix exaggerates the carnage, chaos, and mirage of a world ruled by machines?  Then consider what already exists.  Have you ever listened to the “Earth Sky” 60 second reports on NPR?  Did you hear the one or two or three about growing the meat we eat in laboratories?  What kind of perverted mind thinks thoughts like these?  The same mind that invents “sex-change” operations.  The same mind that participates in “in vitro fertilization” and then plants the embryo in lesbian wombs.  The mind that considers and creates an artificial homosexual womb that brings an embryo to term and “birth.”  Yes, the mind that creates the human harvest fields of The Matrix.

This also describes the “Monsanto mind” which perverts the foods we eat by genetically modifying what God created.  It reveals the “global warming” mind which would convince you to stop raising beef and just eat that goop grown in Earth Sky laboratories.

The reality is that science and the scientists who manipulate our world are out of control.  Long ago they left any notion that God created plants and animals to recreate after their own kind.  Long ago they buried morality and the thought that scientific ethical morality even exists.  They rush headlong in a mad frenzy to create the Frankensteinian world of Mary Shelley.  They create without laws, without boundaries.  They sit in the seat of their own temple proclaiming that they are God.  And we now begin to see the result of their rule, The Matrix.

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2 Responses to The Singularity & the Matrix

  1. Doc says:

    very good point, the world will probobly end before that though.. and like in The Matrix, the human race will survive.. we’re just stubborn like that…

  2. Les says:

    Understand Hegelism and you will understand and see it all around you and throughout history itself. These things are not happening randomly but are coming from a source and implemented through the mind of men who have not the Spirit of God nor do they practice the will and things of God but rather they are of their father the devil. When I gave my life to Christ, it broke all satanic bloodlines and rights of the dark side and now I can see, feel, think the desires and thoughts of Christ. All will bow before Him very, very soon. Praise God!!!