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  1. Cheryl says:

    Great articles!!!

  2. Chris says:

    I used to have conversations with an American trained in Princeton who was doing a PhD at Cambridge University (about 1980) when he suddenly converted to Mormonism. He expounded to me for a long time concerning the order of Melkizedek; do you have any MORMON tendencies or influences?

  3. Zedek says:

    No, none! I believe in Biblical Christianity (although I think that most modern expressions of it are perverted).

  4. Larry Chasteen says:

    Zedek, here’s how I see your kingdom of God on earth concept:

    “The Hope of Israel has been fully realized in Christ…The inheritors of the faith of Abraham make up the household of faith which is the (spiritual) kingdom of God. British Israel diminishes faith in Christ by establishing faith in natural Israel. The veiling of the conscience with the kingdom (of God on earth) message removes the distinction between the material and the spiritual and man cannot reconcile the inherent contradiction and mutual exclusiveness of natural and spiritual Israel. The king of spiritual Israel is the Christ of Calvary. The king of British Israel is the “Jesus who is coming.”

    …British Israel is rendering millions insensible to the meaning of the false Christianity called the millennial reign of Christ. Few can discern that this is a ruse of Zionism to set up World Government and world control through religion. Once people are under this belief, they are unable to understand the consequences and their process of reason is completely distorted and confused as if drugged. First, it is almost impossible for them to understand that they are controlled. Second, this religious deception places a false Christian immunity upon the deceivers. Third, there is almost a guarantee that most will never be free from this religious mind control and fourth, they will obediently follow the British Israel blueprint of “prophecy” which will lead them unwittingly into World Government.” Helen Peters,The Union Jack,p.146

    In Christ.


  5. Zedek says:


    I believe that some aspects of this book are correct. For example, it is certainly a false teaching that Jesus will rule from the current physical location of Jerusalem. However, the book is wrong when it says that there will be no kingdom of God on earth. Many of the prophecies concerning this are not understood well, but there is coming a time when the knowledge of the glory of the LORD shall cover all the earth. I believe that the LORD will rule through his Overcomers who themselves will rule with a rod of iron, the Law of God handled with perfect love and mercy. This transition will certainly look different than what we see preached by many of today’s Christian ministers and the Left Behind books.

  6. Rick says:

    Are not the King’s/Queen’s judges ruling now. do they not enforce the equity jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God? Is not the kingdom here now but not in its fullness? the Kingdom is here on earth – god doesn’t want man in heaven.

  7. Zedek says:

    Yes, Rick. We each rule within the jurisdiction and with the authority God gives us now. For some that even means within Satan’s government!

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