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Fear, Chemtrails, and the Curses and Promises of God

Well today I have to repent in prayer yet again, this time for fear of all that is coming upon the earth. Some days the sun shines, the air smells normal (I live in the country, far, far away from … Continue reading

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Dr. Who and the Impossibility of Time Travel

Dr. Who  is a British television program which has run for several years. It is a big hit with some of my adult children and with many of their friends. About a year ago my wife and I watched one … Continue reading

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The Great Deceptions of the Last Days (Armageddon 9)

We live in unprecedented times, times when every Satanic plan has come into fruition in an attempt to destroy men’s faith in God and his son, Jesus Christ. Some of these plans take overt shape, such as Muslim extremists killing … Continue reading

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Who Can Stand Before the Sons of Anak?

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies. (Psalm 25:10 KJV) We live in the days of the greatest deception to ever come upon mankind, except perhaps in the days of … Continue reading

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Channeling God (Thyatira (5))

It is reported commonly that there is fornication [idolatry] among you, and such fornication [idolatry] as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father’s wife [that one is channelling demons]. And you are … Continue reading

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Aliens & ET’s (Church of Thyatira (2))

In my last post I may have given the impression that I believe that visitors from other planets exist here on earth. I do believe that many people sincerely believe that they have seen, been abducted by, or have experienced … Continue reading

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The Church of Thyatira (1) – The Deception Grows Deeper

This group of articles deals with one of the greatest problems in the Christian Church and specifically with that part of the Church which Jesus calls the Church of Thyatira. I will define this church in greater detail within this series, … Continue reading

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